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Welcome to Militant Reviews

This is where the Militant Libertarian (that would be me) reviews books and movies, whether they are politically charged or not. Yep, believe it or not, I don’t just do politics. I like all kinds of stuff. You’ll find out about that here as I review whatever books I’ve just read or movies I’ve just seen. Hopefully you’ll find it entertaining.

Of course, if you just want politics, you can stick with my blog, Hopefully you aren’t that one-track minded. :)

For the record, I also do environmentalism at Aaron’s EnvironMental Corner, which you may find interesting.  Yep, anarchists can be environmentalists too!

Have something you want me to review? Shoot me an email and I’ll give you an address to send it to.  If it’s an online book or movie, just point me to the download link.  Be forewarned: if it sucks, I’ll say so.  On the other hand, if it’s awesome, I’ll say that too! (for more, see FCC note below)

FCC Note: while I do post affiliate links to products for readers to use to get their own copy, I am not otherwise paid for reviews that I write.  I am, however, fully open to being bribed to write a good review for a product and will fully disclose if I have been the recipient of a bribe as such.  Normally, I don’t get paid squat.  :/