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Bounty Hounds Online

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from WhatAGuySees

In the course of writing for a popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Role Playing Game (RPG) site, I get to try a fair number of games.  Bounty Hounds was recently one of those.  Overall, I was less than impressed.

This is a sci-fi themed game where you are shipped to a planet as a bounty hunter.  There, you are hunting killer robots, aliens, and other menaces to the colonization of the planet.

You can choose any of a handful of human races, one of three classes, and customize your character’s look.  From there, you go through the intro scenarios which outfit you with weapons and armor and so forth.  Then you go out into the world to complete missions and gain reputation, experience, and money to buy more gear.  Bounty Hounds Online is a free-to-play (F2P) freemium game (meaning you pay for higher-level access and/or premium in-game gear and items).

From this description, you no doubt realize that this is the basic description (with some changes to “plot”) for most MMOs and RPGs online.

The sci-fi aspect is interesting as is the generalized first-person-shooter (FPS) genre of the game play, but for the most part it’s pretty standard fare stuff.  The graphics are very good, but not as great as the game’s makers would make them out to be.  As a once-regular player of Lord of the Rings Online, I can say that the graphics in LotRO are better.

Here’s a promo video for the game:


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