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Aaron’s Top Metal Albums of Dooooom

These are the best metal albums in my library.  They’re the ones that I often listen to front-to-back without skipping anything. They’re in alphabetical order by artist:

Paranoid – Black Sabbath

Pagan – Cruachan

Oblivion’s Candle – The Isosceles Project

…And Justice For All – Metallica

Master of Puppets – Metallica

Symphony and Metallica (S&M) – Metallica

The Early Days – Metallica*

Reinventing the Steel – Pantera

Vulgar Display of Power – Pantera

Aenima – Tool

Lateralus – Tool

Undertow – Tool

Nativity in Black – Various (Black Sabbath covers)

*This one probably shouldn’t qualify since it’s not an official Metallica release, but a CBS / Outlaw Records release of a recording made when Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) was Metallica’s front man back in the speed metal days. This was before the “No Life Til Leather” demo that launched the band.


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