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Aaron’s Top 5 Metal Songs Based on History (Another List o DOOOOM)

Here are my top five picks for coolest metal songs about historical events, happenings, or people.

1. Iron Maiden – Paschendale (WWI, French-Belgian line)

2. Ard Ri Na Heireann – Cruachan (Brian Boru)

3. Achilles – Jag Panzer (Greek mythology)*

4. Jeckyll Island – Sons of Liberty (creation of Federal Reserve)**

5.Uchulainn – Cruachan (Chuchulainn / Hound of Ulster, Irish mythology)

To see something really cool, here’s Chris Broderick from Jag Panzer/Megadeth playing Mozart:

*Probably the best opera metal band out there.

**Side project of guitarist from Iced Earth.


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