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Aaron’s Top 10 Metal Covers of Dooooom

These are my favorite cover songs of original tunes where either the song or the cover band are metal.

1. Turn the Page – Metallica (Bob Seger)

2. Painkiller – Death (Judas Priest)

3. Holy Diver – Killswitch Engage (Dio)

4. To Live Is To Die – Fade to Bluegrass / Iron Horse (Metallica)

5. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Megadeth (Alice Cooper)

6. Planet Caravan – Pantera (Black Sabbath)

7. Supernaut – 1000 Homo DJs (Black Sabbath)

8. One – Apocalyptica (Metallica)

9. Whiskey in the Jar – Metallica (Thin Lizzy?)


10. Paranoid – Megadeth (Black Sabbath)

10. Shout 2000 – Disturbed (Genesis)

Honorable Mentions:

Black Sabbath – Type O Negative (Black Sabbath)

Iron Man – Therapy? w/ Ozzy Osbourne (not included since Ozzy wrote the song)

The Unforgiven – Apocalyptica (Metallica)

Angry White Boy Polka – Weird Al Yankovic (just had to include it, even if it’s not really a cover)


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