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The A-Team


starring Liam Neeson

I honestly didn’t expect too much from this movie, so I was a little surprised.  It’s not the greatest film ever made nor will it likely be considered a “classic” by any means.  Still, it’s entertaining and fun.

When I was a kid, the A-Team (“.. in 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit…”) was the greatest show on television.  I was Mr. T for Halloween in the 5th grade (“I pity the foo’ that don’t gimme some candy!”).  I loved that show.  I’ve now Hulu’d all of the episodes and can honestly say that, although they’re hokey and campy, TV today can only rarely match that kind of greatness.

So I expected the movie to suck.  I was mostly disappointed, since it’s not half bad.  The story was updated to match today (instead of 1972 and Vietnam, it’s 200-some and Iraq) and the actors are, of course, different.  I really like Neeson, though some roles (including this one) are a what I’d consider questionable choices for him.  Still, he does a good job.  The guys playing Murdoch and Mr T. are spot on, though.

The story line is pretty simple and basically the premise of the TV series, as a sort of precursor or “before it all” movie.  It shows how the team was put together, how they made a name for themselves in war, and how they were set up and framed.  They get revenge on those who screwed them, of course, but then they’re locked up and… yep, they escape into the Los Angeles underground.  Where today, they’re still wanted by the government.

Nicely done and worth watching if you remember the TV series and are into over-the-top action sequences and huge numbers of explosions mixed with wry humor.


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