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Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom

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produced & directed by Michael W. Dean

Guns and WeedYears ago, I heard the Libertarian Party described as “dope smoking hippie peaceniks, but with guns.”  A funny description, sure, but in a way, it’s spot on.  Since libertarians are neither Republicans nor Democrats (aka Republicrats, aka left or right wing), but instead staunch believers in what Thomas Jefferson would call our inalienable rights..  Well, it’s fitting.

Michael W. Dean, a fellow Wyomingite (see Right Arm of Wyoming), made this movie as a documentary featuring a medical marijuana dispensary owner and employees, a nice Miss America type girl (as a narrator and occasional shooter), and some people in and around the gun rights movement in Wyoming (plus “Sheriff” Richard Mack, for whom I have little respect).  The core of the movie is our inherent rights and freedoms and how our right to grow and smoke pot is intertwined with our right to own and carry firearms.  Just like our right to free speech, our right to practice the religion of our choice (even if it’s no religion at all), our right to privacy, etc. are all intertwined.  When we give up one, we give up all of them.

The movie is entertaining, fun to watch (if you like rap music about freedom, you’ll love the musical inserts), and highly recommended.  Note that if you don’t like rap music, it’s easy to skip over those, as I did, and shave about ten or fifteen minutes from the video.

The video is available online via YouTube, Torrent, or other means through the movie’s website at  Below is the official trailer.


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  1. Michael W. Dean

    Good review! One note though…it looks like I wrote it (my name is under the review tittle….as in “I made the movie”, but it looks like the name of the reviewer). I didn’t write the review. Who wrote it?

    Peace and guns,
    – Michael W. Dean

  2. Militant Libertarian

    Good call. I fixed it. I usually put “starring” or “directed by” there. :)

  3. Michael W. Dean