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Beowulf (2007)

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directed by Robert Zemeckis

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie.  I wasn’t even aware that it was a computer animation, honestly, and so my first surprise was to find out that it was.  It’s very well done and the acting (which is done by real actors and then translated to animation) is excellent.

This new form of film making allows the movie’s creators to choose the best actor in voice and style for a movie without worrying about their looks.  In this case, Ray Winstone is Beowulf, despite his physically being 180-degrees away from what we’d imagine the hero to look like.  Nothing against Winstone, of course, but few would imagine an epic hero like Beowulf – the subject of JRR Tolkien’s university thesis – to look like a pub crawler from Liverpool.

At any rate, the movie is extremely well done and very close to the core story.  The action is good and just comic-booky enough to make the legend seem bigger than life.

This movie is highly recommended – especially the director’s cut.


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