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Terrorstorm 2nd Ed


by Alex Jones

I recently viewed the new, second edition of Alex Jones’ Terrorstorm, after having seen only the original version of this documentary. The film is fundamentally the same, of course, but the added footage gives even more shocking details about the way our “leaders” use terror as a means to control us.

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of England, for example, was sinking in the polls and losing favor amongst even his own party members in Parliament. They were threatening to pull British support for the war in Iraq. Then the attacks of 7/7 happened (three subways and a bus). Immediately afterwards, not only did Blair’s approval ratings suddenly jump, but new mandates and laws about surveillance and restrictions of protests were enacted – laws that Blair had been pushing for months without result.


Anyway, there’s a lot more in this video and I’d highly recommend it to everyone. One of Alex’s best documentaries.

Note: this review was originally published on November 7, 2007.


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