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Enemy Combatant


by Ed Gaffney

This is a novel about a lawyer.  Normally, I hate those kinds of novels because they usually have two things completely wrong: they portray lawyers as honest and they portray them as heroes.  As we all know, in the real world, only the opposite is true.

This one is still a good book, though.  A good read and definitely a great poke at our current “guilty until proven innocent (or dead)” outlook when it comes to terrorism.  It’s also a firm look at the apparatus behind the real terror regime – and it ain’t Al Quaeda.

I got this book not really expecting much, so I was surprised to find it so engaging.  It seems a little slow at the beginning, as the background is played out, but the first person perspective and the “regular Joe” talk from the lawyer (who’s the hero) is refreshing.

The case unfolds with the lawyer basically being clueless as to what the hell’s going on and why.  Then he becomes a target himself.  That, of course, is when the story gets interesting.

The book is rather slow during the first half, with most everything happening in a swarm of confusion, but once the backdrop is in place, it moves quickly as the action heats up.

It’s a great story, an excellent expose of our terror regime, and an awesome story.  Highly recommended.


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