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The Machinist

starring Christian Bale

I’ve become kind of a fan of Christian Bale, who has definitely been the best of the Batman series actors and has been in some other great flicks, some of which I’ve talked about here.  This is another good one that shows not only Bale’s great talent on-screen, but his ability to pick really awesome scripts to work with.

In the movie, Bale is emaciated and somehow starved his already-thin figure to make himself so for the role.  He’s a machinist at a plant and has a curiously empty life, but an active inner consciousness.  He’s an insomniac (hence his drawn look and too-thin frame) who suffers from occasional delusions.

The movie moves really well and has an edge-of-your-seat quality that is hard to beat.  I can’t give you details on what happens in the movie, since that would give away the excellent plot twist – the one you’ll never see coming.  This is one of the better movies I’ve seen in a little while and well worth the watch.

Highly recommended.


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