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The Bank Job


starring Jason Statham

I thought this movie would probably be pretty good, since it stars an actor (Jason Statham) who is generally in some pretty decent movies.  Some of his films have sucked, but others have been awesome.  So I figured there was a decent change this one would be OK.  Plus, it’s a period piece (1970s) that’s loosely based on a true story.  That only adds to the appeal.

It was a pretty decent movie.  Not the best flick ever made, but not total tripe either.  The gist of the movie is pretty simple: a down-on-his-luck sheister is attempting to make good, but the loan shark he financed his car dealership through wants to be paid and is making life difficult.  The wannabe-good guy’s old girlfriend shows up and has a proposition for him – the inside skinny on a bank, it’s safe deposit vault, and their lack of an alarm system during upgrades.

So the heist is on and the two assemble a team of crackpots to crack the safe.  Their amateurish approach is a little funny, but the movie is mainly a drama with a few action scenes thrown in for good measure.  Side stories abound between characters, the real bad guys, and even the cops who’re both investigating the robbery and instigating it.

Overall, the story lines are great and the movie is well done.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys heist movies with a lot of realism in them (no over-the-top maneuvers to get into the vault, no b.s. action sequences, etc).  The movie does contain a fair amount of swearing and some nudity (the real bad guy owns both a strip club and a house of ill repute).


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