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Year One


starring Jack Black

Alright, when I reviewed 10,000 BC, I told you I was going to have a comedy cave man flick soon.  Here you go.  This one stars Jack Black and his retinue of tag alongs.  Like Adam Sandler, Jack Black seems to have assembled a group of people who play all the bit parts around him in his movies.  Not sure why, since most of them suck, but hey, it’s Jack Black.  He’s no genius either.  In my book, he’s done three good movies so far and should have kept putting most of his effort into Tenacious D.  Much funner.

And for those who are curious, yes, his D sidekick is in this one with a bit role.  Sadly, they don’t do any musical parts.

Overall, the movie is a nice romp through the Book of Genesis and does have some funny parts, but mostly it’s just more of the same.  Jack Black is the hero who wants to be more than he is (gee, haven’t seen that in every friggin movie he makes) and his sidekick (who’s actually funnier than Black in this one) is just hoping to get through it alive and maybe lose his virginity.

Mostly, though, the movie is just a lot of stupid religious jokes, some dumb ripoffs of Mel Brooks, and a few special effects thrown in for good measure.  Not very impressive, not really that funny, and not really worth wasting time on.

So don’t bother seeing this one.  If you must see Jack Black, see his only two good movies to date: Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, Be Kind Rewind, and Nacho Libre.


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