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The Dark Knight


starring Christian Bale

As anyone who’s read this review blog regularly should know, I love the Batman series.  Well, I love to make fun of it, anyway.  This latest example of the comic book movie franchise is one of the better ones for sure, though.  I’d be willing to say that Bale is the best of the actors to play Batman.  That may not be saying much, but it’s still to his credit and Bale is one of my more favorite actors.

This movie is, of course, dark and a little sinister.  It focuses on both the (failing) love story that denotes how much Wayne has given up for his Batman persona as well as his growing wish that Gotham would become self-sufficient in terms of crime fighting.

It’s a broader story than most of the Batman series, really, and is well-played.  Although I won’t claim this to be a great movie, by any means, I can say that it’s worth watching if you do happen to get a copy.  The action sequences are, of course, comic bookish and outlandish, but that’s fitting with the overall style.  The CGI they did to create Two Face is killer too.

Overall, it’s not a bad flick, but not really good either.  I watched it merely because it has Bale in it and otherwise would not have picked it up.