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Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA


In this latest of Alex Jones’ documentaries, the ostensible purpose of the film is to prove the existence of FEMA camps.  What Alex really accomplishes, however, is to prove not so much the camps themselves as the whole apparatus behind them that builds “continuity of government” (one of FEMA’s prime objectives) and the way the military-industrial complex has established itself in order to indoctrinate slavery as freedom and to desensitize Americans into accepting tyranny as necessary.

Visually, Jones is getting a lot more compelling with his films.  If you’ve watched other documentaries of his and note their place in the time line of Jones’ career, you no doubt see a track record of progression in sophistication.  His early films were mixtures of him with a bullhorn and documents being presented on-screen and have since progressed to a more sophisticated, visually-appealing presentation.  He’s definitely learning to appeal to a wider audience.  Which is important, given the point of Alex’s work.

The film itself shows the secretive dictatorship that has been set in place to officially take over (whereas now it hides in the shadows) when the time comes.  It shows how false flags and “emergency powers” are manipulated to establish this tyranny.

The last ten minutes or so are some of the best, being spent ripping apart main stream accounts of FEMA camps – specifically Glenn Beck’s dog and pony show.  This illustrates how the propaganda corps bends the truth and brainwashes people into submission.

One thing that Police State 4 is missing is documented footage of actual FEMA camps, which will be the main attack and “debunking” point used to discredit the film.  Alex does say that the majority of the known camps are within the fences of secured military bases, but might have been remiss in not specifically saying that this means public access (and thus photography) are nearly impossible.

Other than that one small point, I could find nothing wrong with Jones’ latest presentation and highly recommend that you watch it, have your friends and family watch it, and buy copies to put on the shelf at your local library.  While probably not his best film to-date, it’s definitely in the top 3.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

You can purchase the film from Infowars at this link.

Or you can download it for free from DProgram by clicking here.

Or you can search for it on YouTube, as it will likely be posted there soon – Jones usually puts his entire films online for free to encourage distribution.