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10,000 BC

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starring Camilla Belle, Steven Strait

Yes, this is a caveman flick.  No, it’s not a comedy caveman movie.  I’ll review one of those later.  This is a serious, heavy-CGI action movie set in the stone age.  It stars a lot of people you’ve probably never heard of and features a predictable story line with some epic cinematography to play it out.

The movie is from Roland Emmerich, who did Stargate and Independence Day.  That should tell you how much this director loves computerized graphics.  He uses them heavily in this movie as well, though not in as in-your-face a way as he did in others.

This is an interesting movie to watch and it’s fun to see the various stone age cultures being mashed together along with the pre-Egyptian Egypt being built.  Most of the cinematography belies this film’s otherwise cheesy story and average acting.  The characters are predictable and pretty boring and the circumstances, while some are a little unique, are mostly just cliche.

All in all, I’d say that this movie is worth a watch if you’re bored, but don’t go out of you way to see it.  Definitely not the best flick ever made, but probably not the worst either.  I don’t feel like I completely wasted my time watching this one, since it kind of visualized some of my own thoughts and research into pre-history, but in the end, it’s nothing worth telling your friends about.

Unless, of course, you have a kick ass review site.  Then you should definitely write about it.  :)


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