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Why Government Doesn’t Work

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Why Government Doesn’t Work

by Harry Browne

This is the book written to explain the Libertarian Platform and ideal to voters during Harry Browne’s 1996 Presidential campaign.

For fans of Ron Paul today, this book is a great read as Harry Browne set much of Paul’s platform for his campaign after Browne’s.

This book convinced me that the Libertarian Party’s ideal was very close to my own and was the reason I joined the LP at the time I read it (2002).  I have since, of course, left the LP and am an independent, but the ideas behind this book are still relevant today, as Ron Paul and others like him continue to prove.  When Harry Browne passed away, the world lost one of its great libertarian thinkers.

Note: this sreview was originally published on April 2, 2009.  It was updated March 4, 2010.