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starring Bruce Willis

I had mixed feelings about this movie, but since I’m a fan of Bruce Willis, I figured I’d give it a shot.  Wow.  Even my wife liked this movie and she rarely likes anything with even a hint of violence or that was made after 1980.  She enjoyed the premise of the movie and the fact that most of the violence involves “surrogates” (basically human-controlled robots).

First, some background.  The world has changed in less than 20 years with the invention and widespread adoption of Surrogates.  These are human-controlled robots that people can control from the safety of their homes to go about their daily lives without fear of death, injury, or worse from the things that can happen in life.  Car accident?  No big deal, just get a new surrogate and another car.  Think of them as much more advanced, humanoid versions of our drone aircraft.

Anyway, a strong, minority contingent of people don’t believe in living life through a surrogate and have created “reservations” – enclaves of human-only areas that are very much like the reservations for American Indians.  They have their own laws, their own society, and their own government.  Mostly, these reservations are not much better than ghetto, though.

Bruce Willis plays an FBI agent who is investigating the mysterious deaths of surrogates and their owners – in other words, someone has figured out how to kill a surrogate robot and, at the same time, kill the operator as well.

For the first time in a very long time, Willis’ character has to go into the world as himself, without a surrogate.  As a “meatbag,” as the others call these flesh-and-blood wanderers.

The story has a lot of twists and turns, plot tricks, and other great stuff as well as some great action.  As per usual, Willis spends much of the movie with injuries and a limp.  The back-story, however, is the real movie here.  While the action is great, the premise is awesome, and the acting very well done, it’s Willis’ ability to show some drama and the removal of his usual “Die Hard” wise-cracking that really built this movie.

The back-story is a human story and it’s extremely well played out.  Definitely a movie worth seeing.


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