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starring Josh Brolin

This movie was not going to be on my list as I wasn’t interested in the “main stream” portrayal of G.W. Bush as I expected Hollywood to produce it.  I was right not to expect anything realistic from this flick, but it was still entertaining.  The main thrust of the movie was to attempt a psychological portrayal of Dubya, which it probably did OK with.

What’s missing?

Well, the real motivations behind Bush’s presidency, for one.  Not to mention the people who surrounded him.  My main concern with this film from that perspective was that it completely glossed over or outright ignored the power control structure behind President Bush, focusing instead on making it appear that he was the one really in charge.  Anyone with half an ounce of observational skills could see that Bush wasn’t in charge of anything but his own revisional dictionary of words and phrases during his “reign.”

Regardless, the movie is entertaining on several levels.  The background of Bush’s life is spelled out well.  His questionable childhood and young adult behavior, his inability to hold a job, and finally the rivalry he appeared to have with his brother Jeb as well as his father was portrayed well.  I was surprised at how well the actors were chosen for theri ability to impersonate the various people in GW’s life too.

Richard Dreyfus as Dick Cheney was awesome, though probably understated.  The girl who played Laura Bush is the girlfriend (and eventual wife) from one of my favorite movies, Invincible (Mark Wahlberg).  She was very good in this limited role.

All in all, this movie was fictional satire based on true events, making guesses as to the behind-the-scenes happenings in Bush’s life.  I was impressed enough to enjoy the movie for what it was.  If viewed without expectation of seeing the real string-pullers and power brokers in politics, the movie is definitely worth watching and a good show.


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