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Right Arm of Wyoming

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“If you’re offended by honest, hard work, and angry peasants, then consider yourself warned.”

This band is basically a punk rock group that sings libertarian/anarchist music with themes ranging from property ownership (such as the above quote, which announces the song Get Off My Property) to racism and freaky liberal mammal sex (an actual song title).

Their music is pretty good, though if you aren’t into (modern) punk, you probably won’t like it much.  The commentary included before, during, after, and embedded in the lyrics of their songs is great stuff and their energy is undeniable.

While not necessarily a punk rock fan (I tend towards metal, as anyone who reads this reviews blog should have figured out), I do enjoy well-done punk and this is definitely some good stuff.  Honestly, if their theme were any different, I’d probably not be as interested.  I have a small collection of Dead Milkmen, which I learned to enjoy as a teenager.

Basically, if you believe that government has the right and power to take things from people in order to “serve the public good,” then you won’t like this band.  They’re about liberty and freedom, words that you wouldn’t understand.

The band is located in Wyoming, obviously, which means I have to find out where they’re playing to see them live.  Or invite them out to go shooting sometime.  Maybe both.  Gunfire is featured in more than one of their songs.

The band is primarily libertarian blogger Michael W. Dean and friends, recording in a well-outfitted home recording studio.

The lyrics aren’t family friendly, so don’t expect to play this music for your kids.  Just about all of their music is available on a free stream from their website ( and individual songs can be purchased for download from or iTunes.