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Molon Labe

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Molon Labe by Boston T. Party

First off, it must be said that this is Boston’s first attempt at fiction. I should also note that Boston is a good friend of mine. That said, I found this novel to be compelling, very interesting, but also flawed.

The book is about a Free State Project centered in Wyoming. Boston is primarily a non-fiction writer and this shows in the amount of data and information contained in this book and its story line. The premise is awesome and the book, while it could use some editing, is well written. The plot is good and keeps you interested as well – the real pull coming from the main character’s continual outsmarting of the feds. The greatest flaw in this book is the assumption that thousands of libertarian-minded people will be willing to work together for a short time in order for the plan (the plot) to succeed. Not very realistic. :)

While this book has a few problems, it’s well worth reading. It’s a great idea, gives great information on the plans for a Free State West (which Boston is working on for Wyoming and which I am actively participating in), and a realistic process and timeline for doing so. I have yet to read a book from Boston T. Party that I can’t recommend to others.