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Climate Money

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Originally posted on Aaron’s Environmental Corner

I’ve now read all three of Joanne Nova’s booklets. This is the second of the three, as I reviewed The Skeptics Handbook a couple of weeks ago.

This book, Climate Money, is a sort of addendum to Skeptics as it moves from the science to the politics. It is primarily about the “premier” body of climate alarmists (global warming advocates), the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the funding they and other governmental agencies receive to “study” climate change.

In fact, the whole book can be summed up with Nova’s singular fact:

“The U.S. Government has spent over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to cliamte change…”

Compare that to the paltry $23 million (with an M, not a B) that Exxon-Mobil was lambasted for spending on skeptical queries in about the same time frame. For those who aren’t easily able to grasp millions and billions, that means the evil oil company spent 0.00029% of what government did to combat what the global warming scientists were saying.

Let’s say you’re looking for a job. You just graduated from the university, you’ve got $90,000 in student loan debts, and you have a bright, shiny, spankin’ new Ph. D. to use to get a job. Your field is, say, physics as it applies to climatology. You start looking.

You can choose to work for the short-term, short-lived $23 million in funding that Big Oil is promising or you can work for the global warming lovers in various government agencies and get a piece of that $79,000 million they have.


Further, if you choose the global warming train, you get to write papers that, so long as they agree with the conformist (AGW) viewpoint, will have only a modicum of criticism from peers. Most of the auditing, in fact, will be left to volunteers who will come from great organizations like Greenpeace and ACORN. You know, those groups with the stellar reputations for honesty and good will.

Continuing through Nova’s book, you’ll find that she discusses the infamous “hockey stick graphs” that have been thoroughly debunked, she shows the “weather stations” that collect vital “warming data” which have been placed by air conditioners, over pavement, or on top of buildings.

Then she gets into the real nuts and bolts of climate alarmism and CO2 spewing: carbon trading schemes.

This is where the bankers, business men, and Wall Street types “go green.” By that, we don’t mean they become ecologically aware either. They literally see green in these markets. Which is why, suddenly, these are all the rage amongst governments pushing to pass the latest and greatest way to screw all of us while pretending it’s to save the planet.

Overall, Nova’s work is awesome and this book in particular is of real interest to those who also follow politics. It’s coverage of the political side, coupled with the money-grabbing end of things really pulls together the entire global warming alarmists’ game. It exposes what is really going on so the rest of us can see it clearly.

Plus, it’s quite timely what with Climategate and the coming talks in Copenhagen.

Download the book for free from Joanne’s website by clicking here. It’s 19 pages long in PDF format.



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