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UP by Disney Pixar
We got this movie the day it released and have watched it twice. It’s possibly one of the best movies Pixar has come out with. Definitely a great one worth seeing. Younger kids might not understand it, but most from ages 6 or 7 on up should follow along easily.

The movie is mostly a love story between a man (the main character) and his wife (who appears only in the first part of the film). His realization that he never helped her fulfill her dream and then wanting to do it after she’s gone is the core of the film.

Along the way, a Wilderness Ranger and a lot of other characters lump in. I can’t really give more information without ruining the film. I can say that the way it was put together, the story line, and the multiple themes that permeate the film are extremely well done.

All of this comes with two caveats: be prepared to cry. Or at least get the sniffles, tough guy. You will. Be also prepared to laugh regularly.

Second caveat: this is a Disney film. So steel yourself, as you’ll be forced to sit through their damn commercials at the beginning and at the end. Disney is the only film company I know of that still literally forces you (through DVD lock) to watch all of their previews, ads, etc. You can’t even skip the credits to see the special features, for hell’s sakes. I hate this. It’s the most annoying thing possible.

The only Disney movies I still have any interest in watching are Pixar films. I hope they dump Disney and go solo soon. Disney B L O W S.

OK, I’m done ranting. UP is definitely worth watching and should be seen ASAP if you haven’t seen it already. Go see it again if you have. It’s awesome and very highly recommended.



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