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Jamie Robinson, Breaking Through

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Jamie Robinson, Breaking Through

I love guitar. Hard rock and heavy metal are all about the guitar. I originally found Jamie Robinson through YouTube when searching for guitar solos from AC/DC’s song Thunderstruck to see how it’s played. Jamie has a whole website of guitar “how-to” and lessons. For free. How cool is that?

Anyway, it was on his website that I found he has a new album out (it released in late May) featuring his guitars. So I ended up on YouTube again, linked to the Infliction Productions post of one of the songs off that album, Zero Hour.

From there, I was getting the album. Jamie rocks hard and his guitar is unbelievably awesome. The music is good (most of the songs are available through the Infliction Productions YouTube channel) and the guitar playing is just killer.

I highly recommend this to heavy metal or hard rock fans who love great guitar playing and awesome licks. Great stuff here.


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