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Insomnium Rather than reviewing a single album, I’m just going to look at the whole band. Their latest album, at right, is Above the Weeping World. They have two other albums as well, Since the Day It All Came Down and In the Halls of Awaiting. They have a new album due out next month.

This is a heavy, heavy band with a lot of musical talent. That pretty much sums up my entire impression of this group. Insomnium has strong guitars, great drums, and strong, deep-thought lyrics.

Their music is thoughtful, well-rounded, but not so “out there” that regular people won’t like it. This isn’t some art club band, but they are good musicians for sure. Their music isn’t Prague Rock, neither is it just plain heavy/death metal. It’s some kind of mashup of the two.

The video below is for their song The Elder and does a good job of showing off their talent:


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