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Girl Scout Hand Grenade

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Girl Scout Hand Grenade has three things going for it as a band, in my book:

  1. They’re a death metal band with a kind of punkish rhythmic
  2. They have a really cool name
  3. They have a chick lead singer

The band’s motto is “We Are Goats in a Word Full of Sheep Metal.”

I mean comon. How killer is that? For some reason, I totally get wood when I see a chick singing death metal. When they’re actually good at it? The big O comes.

The band is from Michigan. You can see their MySpace at this link. They have a full album out and have been around long enough to establish that they aren’t some garage band with a bunch of lame tunes for your wedding.

Girl Scount Hand Grenade is pretty hard core and definitely loud. Some of their stuff is pretty boilerplate death/grind core, but lots of others jump out and say “mosh, f’er, mosh.” Then I wish I hadn’t cut my hair and try to spin it anyway.

When you go to their page, try Birth of the Resistance for a cool song with some changeups and harsh thrashing. Try Raul Julia is Dead for something completely different you probably won’t expect from a death metal band. Great tune.

Below is probably my favorite, though, called Avoid Embrace. Enjoy!


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