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Annexed Asylum

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This is a band from Birmingham, Alabama that a friend of mine on Twitter (@BitterOldPunk) introduced me to. Not his kind of music, but definitely mine.

Annexed Asylum is pure, hard-driving death metal. They have a great sound, similar to some of the harsher old Megadeth and a lot of the newer stuff from Mudvayne with a little dust of Prong and Death sprinkled on for good measure.

Unlike some of the other bands I’ve reviewed here before, Annexed Asylum didn’t have to grow on me. From the minute I visited their Myspace page and heard Combustion, I liked them.

If you’re politically-minded, like I am, check out Morbid Torture on that Myspace page and look at the pic that comes up to accompany the song. That’s great shit right there.

Anyway, if you’re into hard core and serious death metal, this band rocks. Check out their stuff, buy their album, and go see them live if you’re in ‘Bama.


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