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The Isosceles Project

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I’m going to just let the cat completely out of the bag on this one. This band is the best band I’ve heard since I discovered Tool in the 1990s. Really. You all know that I consider Tool to be the greatest band of all time. Well, this one is right up there in the top 5 and may get into the top 3 when I’ve listened to them even more.

The band is from Canada, but I don’t hold that against them. Their music is probably niche’d as “heavy metal” in the same way that Tool is, but it’s definitely much more than that.

The Isosceles Project is not Prague Rock like Tool, but more of a progressive heavy metal instrumental group. If your favorite song is Metallica’s Orion, like mine is, you’ll love this group.

I’m probably completely hacking up the praise for the Isosceles Project, but I’m trying to get across not just what they play, but how great they play it.

Once more: this is the greatest band I’ve found in over a decade. Really.

Right now, they have no label and their album isn’t available on Amazon or iTunes, but you can get it directly from their website at Their music is all over the Internet as well. I’ve embedded a YouTube of one of their songs below.