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This film stars Jason Statham, who in many ways has become one of my favorite actors. Mostly because of films like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

This movie is at least as good as those two great films, though in a different way. While the other two are gangster films set in London and with a more indie-film feel to them, this one is set in Las Vegas and stars big names like Ray Liotta.

The plot is relatively simple, but extremely well done and the twists that go on will keep you going “What the..?” throughout. I had to watch it twice before it all came together for me. Most of it makes sense the first time through, but you notice some little things you didn’t see before on a second run.

The basic plot is this: Statham plays a gangster who goes to prison rather than turn in his boss. After seven years in solitary, spending his time passing notes between the two men locked up next to him: a master chess player and a con artist, Statham is released. The other two released two years before him and Statham finds himself cleaned out. They knew his secrets and they emptied his accounts.

Starting from scratch, Statham rebuilds his little criminal empire and before long, he’s getting into the big leagues. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold, a mysterious underworld gangster whom no one’s met, but everyone fears, latches onto Statham’s ex-boss, Ray Liotta’s character.

At the same time, Statham decides to consider his options for revenge on his old boss. Thus, the plot ensues.

I won’t give away the surprises, so I’ll leave it to you to watch the film to get the rest.

This movie is highly recommended and well worth watching. It’s on my short list of favorites.


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