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Life in Vacuum – Nothing Ever Stays Secret

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You know when you’ve hit the big time? When bands approach you to review their new EP, that’s when. This band came to me and asked if I’d review their album. That, my friends, is star power and critical success.

Or maybe they took a look at this website and said “Wow, this guy needs help” and threw me a bone. Either way, I was yet again introduced to a new and cool band thanks to the Internet.

I’ve been listening to this album for a few days now, getting it down and feeling out the band’s style. My first and continuing impression is that Life in Vacuum is very much like a modernized Dead Milkmen. Although, admittedly, with more musical ability–no offense to the Milkmen, one of my favorite teenage bands.

Their lyrics are a little more thoughtful than the Milkmen, for sure. While their music isn’t as technically advanced or as some of the progressive Prague bands like Tool or my recent favorite The Isosceles Project, it’s not simplistic and lame either.

In fact, one of the drawing points of this band, for me, is their continual use of change-ups and creative sound-effecting with various instruments. Even after listening to this album in continual rotation (the EP contains only four songs), I’m not bored with it. It’s that different.

Life in Vacuum is a little bit crazy, but not as crazy as System of a Down (another of my favs). They’re a little bit nuts, but not as nuts as the Dead Milkmen. They’re a little bit progressive, but not as progressive as Tool. In short, they’re kind of like a lot of bands I like, but not like any one of them more than another.

They’re unique.

Life in Vacuum might have to grow on you, but I think this new band will gain a following in the near future. They’re definitely worth checking out. You’ll find them on Myspace at this link.


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