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I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Pixar movies. I have been since back when they were just featured shorts. This one is definitely one of their more creative in terms of cinematography. The story is fairly straight-forward and the animation is good, but not really great.

What makes this movie click, though, is the creative storytelling–there’s almost no talking until nearly halfway through. The story is told through actions, sound effects, and flashes of written signs or video blurbs as Wall-E passes a TV screen on his daily routine.

To synopsize the plot: Wall-E is an automated garbage compactor. Something has gone wrong that caused all the others to shut down, but Wall-E is still running. So he’s basically alone on the planet–him and his friend the roach, that is. The humans left long ago, having piled up so much garbage that the planet became uninhabitable.

Their original plan, you find out, was to leave the planet on a “space cruise” for a few years and then come back to a clean, rebuilt planet (thanks to the thousands of Wall-E droids left behind). That, of course, didn’t happen, so they’re still cruising space in their giant ship.

Lonely Wall-E eventually meets another robot, a probe droid sent to find out if there is life on Earth again yet.

The bad guy in this movie is not who you’d expect and the story isn’t as “right foot, left foot” as you’d think. Nothing spectacular in the storyline, but it’s well done nonetheless.

I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to everyone. It’s a good family movie with just enough action to keep the little ones interested.


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