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Uncivil Liberties


This movie is about a near future where government agencies have nearly full access to everything there is to know about Americans. They monitor everyone continually (for our own good, of course).

The plot centers around a woman who is deeply involved in one of the alphabet soup agencies that runs computerized tracking of individuals. When her sister takes her to a party, the computer matrix she built crosses her profile with someone on the “terror watch list.”

That someone is a one-time member of a militia group who’s stepped away from the group and is now living in an RV behind the home of the person who held the party.

Things get dicey from there. Basically, the woman is a high priority and a “hit” is placed on her, as her death would (the militia groups believe) short circuit much of the security (i.e. domestic spy) apparatus.

The assassin, the former militia member who rejoins when his friend asks him to carry out this assignment, balks at the job once his finger is on the trigger. Shortly afterwards, the militia finds out that the woman has defected and put the entire security agency’s code online to be hacked.

The movie itself is pretty good, for what it is, and the subject matter is definitely something that should be mainstream (but isn’t). However, the film is not just low budget: it’s horribly so.

Not because the production values were bad. They were extremely good for something of this scope with the limited resources I imagine they dealt with. What’s wrong is the acting, the hack-job story, and the unconvincing outcome.

I think that the producers were aiming for a sort of real-life Matrix meets Enemy of the State. Like I said, the idea was great. The story line, however, falls flat and the acting is less than second rate from many of the players.

So I guess the movie is worth watching if you’re into the whole Patriot movement thing (which is why I saw it), but don’t expect to convince anyone of the plight of our civil rights using this movie. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself ready to shut it off several times throughout. Once the o-so-obvious plot twist comes, you can safely do so.

I’m not recommending this movie to anyone. If you want to click my Amazon link up there and buy it, feel free. I won’t turn down the money. :) But don’t go out of your way to see this flick.


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