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Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution

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Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution by Mark Puls.

This is one of the best biographies of Adams I’ve ever read. If you aren’t familiar with anything more than the role he played according to your high school history teacher, you need to read this book. Seriously.

You’ve probably guessed from the logo picture to the left and on my other blog at that I am a huge Samuel Adams fan. Why? Because he was the original Patriot, the Rabble Rouser, the man who made the Revolution happen.

For a dozen years before the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Adams worked to push the issue of freedom, liberty, and independence for America.

This book chronicles as much of the role that he played as can be known. Unlike most of the other Founding Fathers, Adams didn’t write a diary, keep a lot of correspondence, or write a memoir of his life. Samuel Adams wasn’t worried about being remembered or given credit. He told his cousin John Adams that he wasn’t interested in money, fame, power, or a legacy. He was only interested in securing independence for the millions of Americans yet unborn.

That was the kind of man that Samuel Adams was. In 1775, only two people had warrants out for their arrest when the redcoats marched towards Lexington: John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Hancock was wanted because he was Adams’ financier.

This is one of the greatest books you can read regarding the American Revolution and the first years of our nation once established. It details Adams’ life throughout, but focuses specifically on the dozen or so years before 1776 and a decade after the Revolution and the writing of the Constitution. These are the times when Adams was relentlessly writing, speaking, stirring up crowds, working the back rooms of political meetings, and getting the job done.

Adams was a master at political intrigue, back-room dealing, convincing people to join his cause, to rally in the streets, and to always push for freedom and liberty.

In short, the title says it all. Samuel Adams was the Father of the American Revolution and the reason our nation began. He is George Washington’s equal, if not greater. His example is perfect for the times we live in today.

I highly recommend this book.


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