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Tropic Thunder

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This movie stars two of my favorite comedy actors: Jack Black and Ben Stiller. Neither of which manages to carry this flop anywhere. This movie sucks on so many levels that it manages to nearly create a vortex of suckness that eliminates whatever brain you’ve got functioning.

The movie does have one great part, though: Robert Downey, Jr. as a black man. He does an awesome job and is the only person in this movie who isn’t dragging it down. It’s thanks to him that this movie doesn’t manage to be completely, turn it off halfway through, horrendous.

Don’t bother seeing this movie unless it falls off a truck or is sent to you as a free enticement to join a movie club–a club which you should never, EVER join. Even then, the DVD might function better as a drink coaster. Save yourself! This one is destined for bargain bins and landfills everywhere.


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