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Saints and Soldiers

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This might be one of the best movies I’ve seen in months. I happened on it by accident, as none of my friends had (to my recollection) ever mentioned it. It’s a great movie and definitely worth watching, even for those who don’t normally like war movies.

The action is pretty light, since this movie is a drama, not an action-based war film. It features three soldiers as its main cast: one a Mormon sharp-shooter who’s opposed to killing, one a medic who’s ready to kill anyone if it means getting out of this mess, and the last their leader who wants only to get them through.

The group starts out as surviving POWs, based on an actual massacre (and loosely based on actual events) of POWs late in the war. These are several of the men who were captured during the invasion of France. The massacre itself is portrayed as the accident that went terribly wrong, which is unusual as American films prefer to show the Germans of WWII in the worst light possible.

The drama unfolds as we learn about the Mormon’s background, the medic’s personality (and change), etc.

Definitely worth watching and, while not truly family-friendly, it’s not overly bloody or full of cursing, so older children will be welcome here too.


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