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The Lost Civilization of Lemuria

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This book by Frank Joseph details much of the evidence that suggests the ancient civilization of Mu (named “Lemuria” by the Greeks). Released in 2006, the information is up to date and includes a lot of new archeological findings and information.

While Churchward started all of this back after the turn of the 19-20th centuries, his information was mainly heresay and unusual circumstances. Joseph expands on that with real science findings, cultural studies, and more.

Tying together Chinese, Japanese, South American, and Pacific Islander cultures as well as some hitherto unexplained stuff like Easter Island. This book is well written and documented, though I prefer in-line documentation rather than end-notes.

At any rate, it’s an excellent read and full of great information. Be prepared to concentrate, take notes, and go online to find out more.

I highly recommend this book!


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