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The High Priests of War

The High Priests of War

I was given the chance to read the latest from Michael Collins Piper, entitled “The High Priests of War: The Secret History of How America’s ‘Neo-Conservative’ Trotskyites Came to Power…” This book is now available at and bookstores nationwide, as well as on American Free Press (its publisher).

I will have to confess that I’ve never read anything from Mr. Piper before, but had heard him in interviews on the radio once or twice regarding his previous books. I had always relegated him to “conspiranoid author” status and never bothered to look any more deeply into his work.

Until now, that is.

I was offered a pre-production copy of this book to read last month and took it, thinking I’d maybe get around to it eventually. I was immediately impressed by the huge amount of research that had been done for a book that only spanned about 100 pages. Piper goes to great lengths to document his findings and, in most cases, does very little speculating himself and instead lets quotes and excerpts from news reporters and the “power mongers” themselves tell you directly what is going on.

This book is an awesome documentary on the “neo-conservatives,” their links to old Russian Trotsky-ite thinking, and their current drive for power here in America and (apparently) towards Global Empire.

You won’t find a lot of unsubstantiated conspiranoid ranting in this book. In fact, ranting of any sort isn’t present. Instead, you’ll find heavy bibliographical information, documentation, and a “storyline” of how the neo-cons came to power. You’ll also find that the same names keep appearing regularly in the neo-con events: those of Richard Perle and William Kristol, among others, will pop up continually.

In this book you’ll find plausible answers to questions you may ask regarding terrorism, Israel’s role in the Middle East, and who is really running American politics today. Don’t expect a lot of Jew-bating, hate-speech, or anti-semitic Nazi-talk from Piper. He tells it like it is without throwing in a lot of racial bias. He truly wants the answers and has found many of them.

I highly recommend the reading of this book by all concerned Americans wanting to know where the neo-cons came from, how they came to power in this country, and where they intend to go with it.


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