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Retro Review: Invisible Resistance to Tyranny

Invisible Resistance to Tyranny by Jefferson Mack – This was published in 2002 and has very current information not only on ways to “hide” from the government, but more importantly, ways to make bureaucrats’ lives miserable and perhaps even make some tyrannists rethink their job descriptions…

These paragraphs from the back of the book basically sum it all up:

Invisible Resistance to Tyranny is both a manifesto and manual for everyday citizens who are alarmed by the never-ending enroachment upon the individual freedoms recognized (not “granted) in the Bill of Rights and who want to do something about it now before it comes down to a choice between violent revolution or total submission. It outlines a progressive program of resistance that anyone can undertake without having to protest in the streets, go on hunger strikes, or take up arms.

For anyone living in a country where the authorities limit everyone’s civil liberties while increasing their own perks and power, engaging in invisible resistance can be a giant step toward achieving greater freedom now and in the future. Read this book. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

That about does it. This is a GREAT read! Just for the record, the customer service as Paladin Press (this book’s publisher) is AWESOME!


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  1. janeforfreedom

    Someone had said that was a smear site. I went there to check it out, and while it might not make Barr look all that great- There is nothing there that is not true. It seems more like a fact site then a hit site. So before posting that it is a smear site. You should do some fact checking, you must not be that familuar with Bob Barr or Wayne Root. So for whoever posted that message. If you think that the facts make Barr or Root look bad then maybe you just shouldnt vote for them. You mentioned that the domains were for sale. If the Barr Camp cared they would just buy the domains. If any one else wants to check out the site and make their own determinatin if it is a smear site, I will leave the link. Its like barr root08… here it is.