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The Revolution: A Manifesto

by Ron Paul

This book is very short and, unlike most political treatises by Presidential candidates, very to-the-point. It is Ron Paul’s political platform for his Presidential campaign. More than that, though, it’s a handbook for anyone fighting for freedom (through political means) in this country at this time.

Being less than 200 pages and having all of this information in it should tell you how concisely Dr. Paul writes his views. In that short span, it covers the current false political choices usually offered, true economic freedom and how we can get it, civil liberties and how we can restore them, and more. It’s a great handbook for anyone who wants to regain liberty in this country and highlights how Ron Paul and his way of thinking is so fundamentally Republican – unlike most mainstream neo-con Republican apologists who are closer to fascists than one might suspect.

This is probably the most seminal work by Paul, though others might argue for his other books. I’d say he’ll be remembered in history more for this book and his Presidential campaign this year than for anything else he’s done throughout his career – deservedly or not, since his work up to this point is phenomenal.

I highly recommend this book as fundamental reading for any “Paulite,” political pundit, freedom-lover, and hopeful maker of political change. The reading list at the back is almost book-for-book required reading or any libertarian, conservative, or market anarchist and should be highly educational and revealing for any misguided liberal socialist out there.


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  1. Nick

    I agree the book is great, but I wish he’d talk more of the action we can take to get to these goals. The campaign was great start in spreading awareness of the issues and getting people excited about the libertarian movement. The Revolution March should also be a great display that the media hopefully doesn’t ignore. The question still is left unanswered though. How can we get our ideas implemented or at least get the conversation beyond the normal laughing like Ron Paul kept getting at the debates from candidates who didn’t even know the issues. What do you say?

  2. Militant Libertarian

    I think Paul’s idea was to lay down what’s going on and what we have to face, not to give us a battle plan for winning back the Republic. Electing people who share your views – especially on the local level – is the biggest part of any non-violent revolution. Civil disobedience that makes tyrannical laws irrelevant is another. Local-level elections are the beginning. Whether Ron Paul wins or not, his national-level campaign will at least fire up locals to get their views across there. This is still possible, I believe, but the federal powers are working hard to change that with their all-encompassing laws – the Drug War is an experiment, I believe, to prove that point.