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I got both Walhalla Wacht and Der Stridjlust is Gebo at the same time and have been listening to both since. Holy crap! I’ve recently begun discovering the world of folk metal from various nations, especially Ireland and Scandinavia. This band is, in my opinion, the best folk metal band in the Scandinavian genre! Awesome.

If you’re into folk, metal, or just want to experience something different from your regular everyday music, check this out! They sing in Dutch, so if you don’t know the language (or a similar one, such as German or Icelandic), you’ll have to find a translation for the lyrics. Even without knowing the lyrics, though, the music is great.

This band specializes in haunting rhythms with clean guitars and folk instruments along with deep-throated vocals. A great mix that captures the Scandinavian musical heritage. With a name like Heidevolk (meaning “pagan people”), you can expect a lot of Norse Mythology to be included in their themes.

A great band and a couple of highly recommended albums!


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  1. Dutchie

    Heidevolk does not mean ‘pagan people’.

    A ‘heiden’ is a ‘pagan’. ‘Pagan people’ would be something like: ‘Heidens Volk’.

    A ‘heide’ is a ‘heath’, ‘heather’, ‘moor’ or ‘moorland’.

    So, translated to English, it would be somthing like: ‘Heathfolk’.

  2. Dutchie

    Also, Heidevolk is Dutch, meaning from the Netherlands, meaning NOT from Scandinavia. Do some research, man. Damn.

  3. Militant Libertarian

    1)”heath folk” means PAGAN. “Damn, do your research man” yourself.

    2) If they’re not Scandinavian, why are their songs full of Scandinavian/Germanic mythology?

    Thanks for the comments regardless.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh my god, are you really that ignorant? ._.
    ‘Dutch’ means ‘from Netherlands’ and your retarded talk won’t change it. And in fact they sing about the mythology of their forefathers, and that’s because their ancestors were German tribesmen (at least that’s what they believe in :) ) – and Germanic religion was similar regardless whether it was German people in Scandinavia or in today’s Germany.
    But seriously, I am amazed by your way of thinking – they sing about Scandinavian stuff=they are from Scandinavia… Damn, that’s retarded!

  5. Martijn

    im from the same country as them and i can tell you. they are from the netherlands NOT from scandinavia. Heidevolk means people from the heath or moor. They dont sing about scandinavian stuff. most of their songs about germanic people/religion. Also most of their songs are about the germanic people that lived in the netherlands in ancient/erly medieval times. namely the batavians/saxons/frisians/franks.
    im sorry to say but you are very misinformed

  6. Militant Libertarian

    Socially speaking, in today's world, you may be correct. However, Odin/Wodan/etc. are NOT just Dutch or Norwegian. They are… Scandinavian. Germanic? Sure, but that's also included.

    Read some scientific and historical stuff and you'll see this. Here's some places to start:

    Notice it uses the word "Norse" and "Germanic" and "Scandinavian" all in the same first sentence. Hmm…

    Hmm.. there again, the words "Germanic" and "Scandinavian" appear in the same paragraph while describing the same things.

    Wow, sorry to get all scientific and historical on you, but the facts are on my side of the argument.

    I understand wanting to distance yourself, but I happen to speak Icelandic (closest to Old Norse) and am well versed in these mythologies and histories.

    I would prefer that someone not lump me in with Canadians just because we happen to be within a couple of hundred miles of one another. But hey, if you want to call us "North Americans," I won't complain too much. We have more in common than we do differences, just as the Scandinavians and the Germanics did.