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The Simpsons Movie

I watched The Simpsons Movie, finally. I didn’t expect much out of it and was greatly surprised at how hilarious this flick is! It’s one of those rare, funny films that you can watch several times and keep seeing things that you didn’t notice before, keeping you in belly laughs.

Of course, this movie isn’t appropriate for the kiddies – in fact, I’d question whether teenagers should see this either. It’s not too risque’ or full of swear words, but it is very adult.

What is it then? It’s frikkin’ hilarious! That’s what it is. The humor ranges from bathroom humor to politics to slapstick and more.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh a LOT and who has an open enough mind to watch the movie. If your religious or “moral” sensibilities cause you to cringe and get sickly when some types of humor are made, then you’re better off watching something else. In fact, the “end of the world” scene where the people come screaming out of the church and come screaming out of the bar and trade places is priceless in this regard. :)


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