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Mission Impossible III (MI:3)

Well, another one of Tom Cruise’s career flicks – his version of Rocky, I think. To be honest, this series of movies hasn’t been too bad, though not really great either. Of the three, I guess one is second only to the first one, but that’s not really saying much. This one could have been much better if they’d not chopped it up so much to make it fit within some obligatory time-frame. Hollywood seems to be doing a lot of this lately. Some idiot probably did some inadvertently-biased survey and found that “under two hours” is the optimum time-frame for a flick. Geez.

Anyway, the movie is worth renting, but don’t bother buying it. Unless you want it cheap, then you can get mine off eBay. :) The guy who plays the bad guy does a pretty god job, all told, but Tom Cruise is, of course, the highlight. Oh, and he runs funny. Probably some kind of L Ron Hubbard teaching or something…


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