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Retro Review: Don’t Shoot the Bastards (Yet)

Don’t Shoot the Bastards (Yet) by Claire Wolfe – I was quite impressed with this book. Claire Wolfe is a very well known writer in the freedom circuit. Her blog is linked from my “links” page (see button to left).

This book in particular had some really cool stuff in it. While it’s not a “get even” kind of thing (despite the great title), it is a “let ’em know how you feel through some good, old fashioned civil disobedience” kind of screed. She does a great job outlining various infringements our government perpetrates (usually in the name of “security” or “the children”) and a few good ideas for undermining those efforts. While I would prefer something a little more militant or “in your face” than this, for the average freedom fighter, this book has a treasure trove of information.

And hey, if you’re doing something, you’re on my side! So have it at, whatever you do!


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