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Eragon and Eldest

A friend of mine loaned me both of these books (audiobooks in unabridged format). Holy crow! These rule! It’s a simple story, at its core, but very well-told and even more amazing when you realize that the author wasn’t even 20 when he wrote the first book! I find myself agitated that the third book (this is a trilogy) isn’t out yet.

And if you’ve seen the movie Eragon, don’t be dissuaded by it. That pile of crap they called a piece of film doesn’t even come close to the books themselves.

The story is about a young boy, Eragon, whose life is changed when he finds a dragon egg and it hatches for him. From then on, he is more than just a farm boy with little education and even less self-esteem. He’s a dragon rider. He learns magic, swordsmanship, and above all, he learns to have confidence in himself and in doing what is right because it is right.

A great set of books! Highly recommended!


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