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This is one of Jet Li’s most recent movies and by far one of his best. Obviously, I am a big fan of his, and he’s only getting better and better. I’ve been a fan of Li’s and of Jackie Chan’s (who’s been stagnating, basically making the same movie over and over, with less and less comedy) for a long time. The bulk of my video collections are made up of their movies. A while ago I reviewed Li’s movie “Unleashed” and “The Hero” (click here to see those), which are also on my favorites list.

Anyway, this film is about the legendary Chinese hero Huo Juan Jia who inspired the Chinese nation at the turn of the century. It’s masterfully done with great effects in the fight scenes and an awesome, inspirational storyline.

The movie follows the life of wushu master Huo from boyhood to adulthood, where his love of martial arts and devotion to being champion trumps his responsibilities as head of household and father. Tragedy unfolds, because of his selfishness, and he is forced to grow up and realize that there is more to life than himself. His life’s journey then changes for the better and his real heroism unfolds as he finds his true self.

This is a great film and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. Jet Li has also said that this is his last wushu (purely martial arts) film.


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