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Not long ago, I reviewed the movie Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg. Seeing that movie on DVD prompted me to get another Wahlberg movie, Invincible.

I have become a huge Mark Wahlberg fan! He was great in the movie The Corruptor, starring another of my favorites, Chow Yun-Fat. He’s beginning to consistently deliver good performances in great movies. I guess I have to go find the rest of his stuff, despite not liking George Clooney, who co-stars in a couple of them.

Anyway, Invincible is the story of Vince Pepile, a walk-on from Philadelphia who surprised everyone in the NFL when he made the cut and became a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

The story is pretty well done, with most of Mark’s acting requiring expression and movement rather than words. This movie is supremely well-done and tells the story of Philadelphia’s true Rocky Balboa.

Vince hits rock bottom at the beginning of the tale, his wife leaving him and losing his job as a teacher. It’s rough times in Philly, with strikes and layoffs happening everywhere. Vince fights through it and goes to the tryouts the Eagles hold (mostly as a stunt by their new coach, who hopes to “shake things up”). Everyone is surprised as Vince keeps making the cuts, beating out even veteran players, until finally his place on special teams is assured.

The story is well-told, strong, and very engaging. You really get to know the characters in the film and you really feel for this guy as he walks through his rough life with honor and pride. I highly recommend watching this movie.


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